Mission Statement

An Organization to Foster the Separation Sciences in Chemistry and Biology

The Connecticut Separation Science Council (CSSC) is a professionally oriented society that fosters the exchange of information in the separation sciences. The CSSC is currently active in many areas of the separation sciences, including applications in chemistry, biology, forensics, environmental sciences and pharmaceutical research. The main focus for our society is hosting monthly meetings throughout the state of Connecticut. Guest speakers come from industry, academia and government labs and most often are practicing separation scientists. Lecture topics include applications and novel new developments in HPLC, GC, CE, SFC and hyphenated methods.

Officers and Board of Directors: The CSSC is governed by a set of bylaws that are executed by elected Officers and a Board of Directors. There are four elected officers and nine Board of Directors. Each member of the Board of Directors is elected for a three year term, and each officer is elected for one year term. Also, every President, upon completion of their tenure, is awarded Emeritus status, and has voting rights on the Board.

There will also be a Vice Treasurer and Vice Secretary that will help their senior counterpart with the functions of their duties. These positions are appointed by the senior officer, and must be a current member of the Board to serve. Meetings of the Board of Directors occur at least once a year.

Current list of Officers

Tom Melninkaitis (President) - Chemical Abstracts Service (Division of the American Chemical Society)

Prof. James Kearns (Vice President) - Southern Connecticut State University

 Maria Krisch (Secretary) - FreeThink Technologies

Nerija Melninkaitis (Treasurer) Pfizer, Inc.

E-mail link to contact for more information (cssc.web@gmail.com)